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A proposed expansion of Vermont’s medical marijuana law was sabotaged by Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn, who threatened to “wash DPS’ hands of managing the program if PTSD was included as a qualifying medical condition.”

“I want the people who are administering this program to feel comfortable with administering it,” Rep. Francis “Topper” McFaun remarked.

Never mind the comfort of those experiencing PTSD conditions:

There are many scientific research papers which point to use of marijuana’s cannabinoids as a potential memory suppressant in the treatment of PTSD, specifically with the THC cannabinoid, as scientists gaze into the future of PTSD and the THC compound found in cannabis. It is believed that THC may have the curing properties so desperately sought by those that suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis are among the approved conditions for medical marijuana in Vermont.

One condition:

There is a $50 non-refundable fee for each application. There are no provisions to waive the fee, pay the fee in installments, or pay the fee with a credit card. The fee must accompany each new or renewal application. The fee must be paid by check or money order. Checks or money orders should be made out to the Vermont Department of Public Safety. Please note that the fee will not be returned in the event that your application is denied. (Emphasis added.)

Vermont decriminalized marijuana.

One condition: those caught with possession of up to one ounce face fines up to 500 dollars.

There’s also a skin condition: “black people are 3.73 times more likely to be arrested for possession than whites, even though people of both races consume marijuana at roughly the same rate.”

Conditions for employment usually include drug screenings: “over 80 percent of employers drug-test their workers and workers to be. And, if illicit drugs show up in the urine, they don’t get the job.”

The condition of social stigma is touted as one of the benefits of using Idrasil brand medical cannabis.

Industry conditions: ProCon.org estimates the annual cost of Marinol brand medical cannabis is $8,258. Black market profits are reportedly $18 billion annually.

Seems like a lot of unnecessary conditions to keep one bureaucrat’s hands clean.