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A Girl in Trouble is a Temporary Thing

Billie Jean
Is not my lover
She’s just a girl
Who claims that
I am the one
But the kid
Is not my son

There’s a time
When every girl
Learns to use her head
Tears will be saved
Till they’re better spent
There’s no time
For her to be afraid
So instead
She takes care of business
Keeps a cool head


Romeo Void’s A Girl in Trouble is a Temporary Thing was apparently written in response to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean: A man’s denial of accountability is met with a woman’s declaration of responsibility.

It was unsettling to discover that kids were singing and dancing to a song about a man turning his back on his child, leaving the mother to deal with motherhood alone. Romeo Void’s comeback was brilliant.

In a similar vein, Amanda Marcotte wrote in the the fall 2014 issue of Ms. Magazine:

Abortion isn’t some tragedy you should feel guilty about, but rather a sign that you possess self-knowledge and a willingness to take charge of your life.

In a preceding sentence, she wrote:

So what if you chose abortion because you wanted to finish school or because the guy you were sleeping with wasn’t the right one for you?

That struck a nerve.

Maybe that was the point, but shrugging off the moral implications of terminating a pregnancy is disturbing.

I discovered, through a Yahoo search, horrifying images of aborted babies. Do I shudder at those images because I’m a man or because I’m a human?

I’m disturbed by the horrific description of abortion procedures posted on LifeNews.

LifeNews also reported that a woman “took abortion pills to end her 28-30 weeks pregnancy” and that the woman “later admitted to police that she had placed the newborn in a dumpster behind a local restaurant.”

Wendy Davis experienced an abortion that was apparently traumatic. That should provoke the “pro-lifers” into recognizing that the stereotype of the slutty woman singing and dancing her way into the abortion chamber is probably not true in many cases.

But how should “pro-choice” advocates like me view stories like this: Seven newborn bodies were discovered in a garage. One was stillborn. The mother killed six.

Her drug addiction and the fact she “didn’t want to care for the babies” raises concerns. How safe would those children be if they were raised by a mother like that? What’s also disturbing is that “she either strangled or suffocated the babies immediately after they were born . . . and then packed them inside boxes in the garage.”

Then there’s this story: A woman gave birth while sitting on a toilet. The baby drowned in the toilet because the woman “panicked and didn’t know what to do.” The woman’s mother claimed “she was unable to scoop the baby from the toilet while simultaneously caring for her daughter.”

9-year-old Omaree Varela “died from ‘blunt trauma,’ with injuries to his head, chest, abdomen, back, right and left forearms, left knee, mid-right shin and on his tongue.” The child “suffered swelling of the brain, bruising, skin scrapes, skin tears and internal bleeding that resulted in a blood loss of 25 percent of his total volume.”

I’m one of the progressives “who find themselves torn on the issue of abortion.”

Should abortion come with restrictions?

Why is it permissible to end the life of a child pre-birth but not post-birth?

Should a mother be permitted to end a child’s life at any moment she decides she no longer wants the burden?

I was raised in a “traditional” family but still struggle with the scars. I’m on a new medication that’s supposed to help me sleep but so far it’s just making me sick. If I knew in advance what was in store for me, would I have wanted to be aborted if it meant I might escape all this torment?

I know I’m a guy who will never have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. I also know that women should not be forced to give birth to a child they do not want or cannot afford. I’m aware that pro-lifers have murdered abortion doctors and shamed women seeking abortions.

I understand the importance of reproductive freedom, but how do I reconcile that with my concerns about protecting children?